• online privacy Mar 9

    Consumer Reports: Time for an Online Privacy Checkup

    If you’ve noticed an uptick with suspicious friend requests, emails or texts it may be time for an online health checkup. Reports about identity theft and companies tracking your every move might make you wonder if it’s time to tighten things up for yourself. Consumer Reports has some easy tips to keep your online presence secure.

  • TikTok Jul 24, 2020

    TikTok Explodes in Popularity Despite Security and Privacy Concerns

    TikTok, home to viral dance videos and growing controversy, has seen an explosive growth in popularity despite security and user privacy concerns. U.S. officials and businesses are expressing privacy and security concerns about the Chinese-owned app, with a number of companies asking employees to remove it from their phones.

  • Contact Tracing May 29, 2020

    German Coronavirus App Moves Forward

    A demo of a German coronavirus app was released on Friday which authorities hope will allow the country to safely reopen in time for summer tourism.

  • JUDGE Aug 9, 2019

    Brazil Judge Ends Investigation of Neymar on Rape Allegation

    A Brazilian judge accepted a recommendation from prosecutors Thursday to close the investigation of soccer star Neymar on a rape allegation on the grounds of there being a lack of evidence against him. Sao Paulo state prosecutors Flávia Merlini and Estefânia Paulin announced during the day that they agreed with a July 30 decision by police not to bring charges...

  • Congress Dec 19, 2018

    Consumer Groups Allege Google Misleads Kids in FTC Complaint

    Nearly two dozen consumer, privacy and public health groups are urging U.S. regulators to investigate whether children are being endangered by deceptive apps in Google’s app store for smartphones running on its Android software. The 102-page complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Trade Commission alleges Google’s Play store is harming kids by allowing apps that break privacy laws, contain adult...

  • California Nov 12, 2018

    Miro Sorvino Urges #MeToo to do More Than ‘Name and Shame'

    Sorvino agrees that the culture has changed over the past year, but feels there’s a long way to go, especially when bad behavior is validated in entertainment.

  • VMS Jun 26, 2018

    Security Risks From Your Internet Router

    You might have heard about the malware, believed to be Russia-linked, that is targeting WiFi routers around the world. The FBI is urging people to take immediate action by re-setting their routers.

  • United States Apr 9, 2018

    Child Advocates Ask FTC to Investigate YouTube

    Read carefully through the fine print of YouTube’s terms of service and you might notice that you’ve affirmed you are old enough to watch it. “If you are under 13 years of age, then please do not use the service,” the terms say. “There are lots of other great web sites for you.” It’s a warning that goes unheeded by...

  • Germany Jun 26, 2017

    Your Kid's Online Privacy – Connected Toys

    It’s no secret that sharing personal information online comes with risk. But what if toys were also making it possible for hackers to access both you and your children’s information? Consumer Reports has some stern warnings about a new generation of toys.

  • Facebook May 19, 2017

    What Twitter's Privacy Changes Mean for You

    Twitter’s new privacy policy suggests ambitions of becoming more like Facebook — more tracking of users and more targeting of ads to rake in more money.
    Twitter recently reported its first quarterly revenue decline since going public. That should give you some clues about the reasons behind the policy changes, which take effect June 18.

  • United States Mar 27, 2017

    As the Senate Moves In on Internet Privacy, How Can You Keep Your Searches Private?

    The Senate passed a joint resolution on Thursday, barring the Federal Communications Commission from enforcing rules passed last year that would ban internet, cable, and mobile providers from selling your data without your consent, NBC News reported....
    Robert Siciliano, CEO of IDTheftSecurity.com told NBC News the best way to protect yourself is by installing a VPN — that’s a virtual private...

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