[DFW]Election 2014


The top election 2014 headlines from NBC 5 News, NBC News and the Dallas Morning News.
Abbott Discusses Transition to Texas Governorship Gov.-elect Greg Abbott revealed plans for his transition into his new job including the appointment of his next Texas Secretary of State.
Ferguson Plot Included Assassinations, Blowing Up Arch: Report

Two men arrested last week on suspicion of acquiring guns and explosives to use... Read More

WATCH: Fallon, Springsteen Jab Christie

Jimmy Fallon once again used New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's the traffic jam scandal... Read More

Two Flee After Truck Nearly Crashes Into Home

Witnesses tell police that two people fled after crashing a truck into a utility pole... Read More

Lone Star Politics
Texas News
Court: Warrant Needed to Draw Blood in DWI Cases

Texas' highest criminal court has ruled that drawing the blood of an uncooperative... Read More

Weird News
Rare Deep-Sea Anglerfish Caught on Video

A mysterious "black sea devil" anglerfish was videotaped in its natural habitat... Read More