[DFW]Election 2014


The top election 2014 headlines from NBC 5 News, NBC News and the Dallas Morning News.
Gov. Perry Responds Defiantly to Indictment Texas Gov. Perry said indictment is abuse of power.
"It's Like the Mafia": How ISIS Funds Terror

ISIS has made "hundreds of millions of dollars" through ransom payments,... Read More

WATCH: Fallon, Springsteen Jab Christie

Jimmy Fallon once again used New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's the traffic jam scandal... Read More

Lone Star Politics
Texas News
Rocket Explodes During Test Flight in TX; No Injuries

An unmanned SpaceX rocket exploded shortly after launch on a test flight at... Read More

Weird News
Couple Tried to Sneak Into Hospital with Fake Babies: Police

Police in the Bay Area arrested a woman on trespassing charges after she... Read More