• Gwinnett County Mar 7

    Police: Texas Rapper Dead in Interstate Shooting in Georgia

    A shooting on Interstate 85 in suburban Atlanta has claimed the life of a rising Texas rap artist, one of two interstate shootings in the metro area within an hour, authorities said Saturday.

  • attorney Sep 15, 2019

    Ex-NFL Player Faked Racially Motivated Burglary: Police

    A man trashed his pizza restaurant and ice cream shop near Atlanta to fake a racially motivated burglary so he could file an insurance claim, police said. Gwinnett County police officers responded just before 9:30 p.m. Wednesday after a 911 call reporting a man damaging the businesses, according to a Friday news release. The caller said the man was driving...

  • attorney Jul 9, 2019

    Teen Stabbed to Death, Allegedly for Playing Rap Music

    Civil rights activists are calling for a hate-crime investigation into the alleged killing of a black teenager by a white man in Peoria, Arizona. Michael Adams, 27, stabbed and killed 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin, telling investigators that he attacked the boy because heard him listening to rap music in his car, investigators say.

  • Georgia Apr 20, 2019

    Storms in South Kill Girl in Florida, Bring Tornado Threat

    A strong storm system barreling through the South on Friday killed an 8-year-old girl in Florida and threatened to bring tornadoes to large parts of the Carolinas and southern Virginia.

  • Governor Nov 9, 2018

    Kemp Says He's Georgia's Next Governor; Democrats Want Him to Prove It

    Outgoing Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal stood before a bank of cameras and welcomed into his office a man he recognized as his successor. “The governor-elect,” Deal called Brian Kemp on Thursday, accepting his fellow Republican’s resignation as secretary of state and promising the two would begin work immediately on transition business ahead of a January transfer of power. All of...

  • Mexico Apr 11, 2018

    $2M of Meth Hidden in Figurines of Disney Characters: DEA

    The Drug Enforcement Administration says meth hidden inside wax figurines depicting Disney characters has been confiscated near Atlanta and is worth roughly $2 million. It is one of the biggest meth busts ever in Gwinnett County, the DEA told WSB-TV. The drugs were concealed inside 500 figurines depicting Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, Pluto and other Disney characters. DEA Atlanta...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Sep 8, 2017

    Video Shows Woman Being Dragged by Truck

    Police near Atlanta, Georgia, are looking for a pair of robbers after they dragged a woman who was determined to hold on to her purse and it was all caught on video. Gwinnett County police released surveillance video showing an unsuspecting woman walking up the driveway of a Marriott hotel. Despite being thrown to the ground, the victim clings to...

  • Georgia Aug 11, 2017

    Foster Care Worker Takes Wrong Girl From Georgia School

    The father of a 7-year-old had to scramble to find his daughter after a foster care worker took her — and not another girl with a similar name — from their school in suburban Atlanta. Sean Harris says he panicked when he went to pick up his daughter from after-school care and discovered she wasn’t there. He went to her...

  • attorney Jul 20, 2017

    Girl Says Her Mom Asked for Forgiveness Before Stabbing Her

    Everyone was asleep when Isabel Martinez began stabbing her children and then fatally stabbed her husband as he tried seek help, her daughter told a child welfare caseworker. Diana Romero, 9, said her mother told her she loved her and asked for forgiveness before cutting her. Martinez told the girl she was “going to the sky to see Jesus,” and...

  • Atlanta Jul 7, 2017

    Woman Charged in Slayings of 4 Children and Their Dad Smiles in Court

    A woman charged with killing four of her young children and their father smiled and flashed a double thumbs up to news cameras during her first court appearance Friday in metro Atlanta before telling a judge she doesn’t want an attorney. Also, an immigration official said the woman, who is from Mexico, entered the U.S. illegally. Isabel Martinez, 33, appeared...

  • Atlanta Jul 7, 2017

    Mother Charged With Killing 4 of Her Children and Their Father

    Four young children and their father were found slain in a home outside Atlanta early Thursday, and police say the mother — now charged with their deaths — was the one who called 911 to report the killings....
    The five were apparently stabbed to death. A fifth child, a girl, survived and was hospitalized with injuries described as serious, police said....

  • Georgia Apr 14, 2017

    Driver Punched in Face by Ga. Officer Had Earlier Encounter With Cop

    A man who was kicked in the head and punched during a traffic stop Wednesday in Georgia told NBC News it was his second encounter with one of the officers within days. After videos of one of the incidents appeared online, the Gwinnett County Police Department fired both police officers, saying the videos confirmed “the force used was unnecessary and...

  • attorney Jan 19, 2016

    Bobbi Kristina Brown's Caretaker Charged With Unlicensed Nursing

    A woman accused of posing as a nurse at the hospice where Bobbi Kristina Brown spent her final days has been charged with practicing nursing without a license.

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