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Sanjaya Will Release a 5 Song Album



    Sanjaya Will Release a 5 Song Album

    You though the faux hawk was going back in the vault, but you were wrong.

    "American Idol" reject Sanjaya's 15 minutes of fame will go on 15 minutes more as he proves to everyone that he was booted from the show right on time.

    Sanjaya Malakar will release a five song album called "Dancing to the Music in My Head."


    What The El!?! Editorial: has two of the tracks, if you dare to risk bloody eardrums. (CLICK HERE to HEAR)

    The first one called "A Guy Like Me" sounds like something an amateur would record in their bedroom.

    The second one called "Quintessential Lullaby" is an absolute NIGHTMARE. There's no other way to describe it.

    And this kid wants to know why he didn't get past 7th place? Really?