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Magazine Denies Dropping Jess Over Weight



    Magazine Denies Dropping Jess Over Weight

    Jessica Simpson was supposed to be the cover girl for Self Magazine, but the cover was scrapped.

    Of course speculation ran wild that the magazine dropped her because of her recent "weight gain" covered extensively in tabloids and blogs.

    Self magazine's Editor-In-Chief Lucy Danziger dismissed the rumors telling Access Hollywood: "Self would love for Jess to be on our cover. We've had discussions about it but we couldn't find a date. She's very busy."

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    Here's reality and I've said it from the beginning, she's not fat, she picked bad jeans.

    Besides, there's something called Photoshop, it's been going on for decades, it's not hard for them to "finesse" any pictures if they needed to.

    I think it's all ridiculous… in the right outfit she looks fine. Unfortunately all those paparazzi are waiting to catch her in a bad outfit on a bad day.

    But I will point out Jess should know this is what she signed up for being in the public eye, by now she should have thicker skin.

    If Tony likes her the way she is, then don't worry about it!