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Penny Pinching
Amy Yates-Garmatz offers tips to save money while shopping.

Couponers Have Standards Too!




    Believe it or not, I have a friend. Just one. But she's awesome!

    Laura's my couponing buddy too - without her, I would be without Glade scented candle holders, my endless supply of Beggin' Strips, and I'd miss out on a lot of fun! Not to mention, I would never use any of my cell phone minutes!

    Yesterday, Laura & Brian Curtis from KXAS browsed the aisles of one of our favorite stores...Kroger! Laura talked about the musts of coupon etiquette. Didn't know there was such a thing, did you?

    Can you imagine how horrible your shopping experiences would be if most of us didn't subscribe to these etiquette basics? There would be no blinky heaven, you would wait in line for what seemed like hours as the person in front of you organized her coupons, and worst of would never find that little coupon in just the right place - right when you needed it!

    Check out her story here and leave her a little hooray! Atta Girl, Laura!