• Texas A&M Mar 28, 2021

    Sweet 16: McDonald Propels Arizona Over Texas A&M 74-59

    As a player, Arizona coach Adia Barnes led the program on its deepest march into the women’s NCAA Tournament in program history. Until this year, that is. Her current Wildcats team has gone even farther. Aari McDonald, the Pac-12 player of the year, scored 31 points No. 3 Arizona beat No. 2 Texas A&M 74-59 on Saturday night in the…

  • murder Jul 25, 2020

    Two Charged With Murder of Arizona State Professor Found in Landfill

    Authorities say two Louisiana teens have been arrested in the killing of an Arizona State University professor whose body has been found in a landfill.

  • Donald Trump Dec 1, 2019

    The New ‘Three Amigos' Riding Into Trump Impeachment Inquiry

    The “three amigos” used to stand for one thing in Washington — the pack of globe-trotting senators led by John McCain who brought American idealism to the world’s trouble spots. Now it refers to another trio, the Trump envoys who pushed Ukraine to pursue investigations of Democrats and former Vice President Joe Biden. The shift represents more than the appropriation...

  • Donald Trump Oct 4, 2019

    Diplomat at Center of Trump Inquiry Says He Warned Ukraine

    The former special U.S. envoy to Ukraine told lawmakers Thursday that he wasn’t personally involved in President Donald Trump’s effort to have that country’s leaders investigate Joe Biden’s family and said he warned Ukrainians to steer clear of American politics. Kurt Volker, who has become a central figure in the House’s impeachment inquiry and testified for nearly 10 hours, also...

  • The Associated Press Aug 28, 2019

    Ethiopian Fossil Reveals Face for Ancestor of Famed ‘Lucy'

    A fossil from Ethiopia is letting scientists look millions of years into our evolutionary history — and they see a face peering back. The find, from 3.8 million years ago, reveals the face for a presumed ancestor of the species famously represented by Lucy, the celebrated Ethiopian partial skeleton found in 1974.

  • NBC Jul 9, 2019

    Lester Holt to Receive Walter Cronkite Journalism Award

    Arizona State University is awarding its 2019 Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism to NBC anchor Lester Holt.
    The university’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication announced Tuesday that Holt will receive the award Nov. 4 in Phoenix.

  • NBC Jul 9, 2019

    Lester Holt to Receive Walter Cronkite Journalism Award

    Arizona State University is awarding its 2019 Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism to NBC anchor Lester Holt.
    The university’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication announced Tuesday that Holt will receive the award Nov. 4 in Phoenix.

  • Arizona Jun 16, 2020

    Scientists Take a Peek Behind Those Sad Puppy Dog Eyes

    What’s behind those hard-to-resist puppy dog eyes? New research suggests that over thousands of years of dog domestication, people preferred pups that could pull off that appealing, sad look. And that encouraged the development of the facial muscle that creates it. Today, pooches use the muscle to raise their eyebrows and make the babylike expression. That muscle is virtually absent...

  • Donald Trump Jun 12, 2019

    Jury Deadlocked Over Activist Who Aided Migrants at Border

    A U.S. jury could not reach a verdict Tuesday against a border activist charged with conspiracy to transport and harbor migrants in a trial that humanitarian aid groups said would have wide implications on their work. Defense attorneys argued that Scott Daniel Warren, a 36-year-old college geography instructor, was simply being kind by providing two migrants with water, food and...

  • California Jun 6, 2019

    No Breakthrough in Tariff Negotiations With Mexico

    Negotiators will return to the White House Thursday in an effort to reach a deal that would curb illegal immigration at the U.S. – Mexico border and avoid President Trump’s threatened tariffs.

  • New York Jun 1, 2019

    ‘The Algorithm Is Our Boss': Uber Drivers Face Long Hours, No Benefits and Sometimes Danger

    At 3 a.m., Sonam Lama’s alarm goes off. In his house in Queens, New York, while his wife and baby son sleep, he pulls on his clothes and makes coffee. Then he turns on his Uber app and waits. On this morning, a warm but windy Tuesday in May, an hour passes without a passenger request. “You’re just thinking, ‘When...

  • Donald Trump Feb 27, 2019

    Fact Check: McConnell's Misleading Spin on Voting Fraud

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is skewing facts when it comes to Republican congressional efforts to stem the type of election malfeasance recently seen in North Carolina. The Kentucky Republican on Tuesday accused Democrats of resisting GOP efforts over the years to address “voter fraud.” That’s misleading. The GOP efforts McConnell refers to have focused on requiring voter ID, which...

  • Donald Trump Jan 28, 2019

    Democrats Uneasy About Potential Howard Schultz Bid

    For a businessman who grew a small coffee roaster into an inescapable global chain, who ensured that even his part-time workers had benefits and who has given about $150,000 to Democratic campaigns, former Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz is generating tepid — or even hostile — responses within the party as he weighs a presidential bid in 2020. That’s partly because...

  • food Dec 13, 2018

    Arizona Publisher Uses Newspaper to Pursue Poisoning Claim Against Wife

    An award-winning Arizona newspaper publisher and his wife are locked in a bizarre divorce case that has morphed into something more: a journalism ethics saga. Joseph Soldwedel has accused wife Felice Soldwedel in a lawsuit of trying to kill him by poisoning him, and detailed the allegations in one of the small-town newspapers he owns, the 13,000-circulation Prescott Daily Courier....

  • Dallas Nov 20, 2018

    Texas Police Shooting Overshadowed

    Five days after O’Shae Terry’s shooting, police released footage and the case was starting to gain momentum. But hours after the video images of Terry’s fatal traffic stop made headlines, attention was already turning to the Sept. 6 shooting of another black man, 26-year-old Botham Jean.

  • New York Jun 21, 2018

    New Evidence Suggests Brain-Invading Viruses May Play Role in Alzheimer's

    Viruses that sneak into the brain just might play a role in Alzheimer’s, scientists reported Thursday in a provocative study that promises to re-ignite some long-debated theories about what triggers the mind-robbing disease. The findings don’t prove viruses cause Alzheimer’s, nor do they suggest it’s contagious. But a team led by researchers at New York’s Mount Sinai Health System found...

  • United States May 31, 2018

    Walmart Offers Employees New Perk: Cheap Access to College

    Walmart is offering its employees a new perk: affordable access to a college degree. America’s largest private employer, which in the past has helped its workers get their high school or equivalency degrees, hopes the new benefit will help it recruit and retain higher quality entry-level employees in a tight U.S. labor market. The company is working with Denver-based startup...

  • Florida Nov 7, 2018

    ‘Dreamers' Are Getting Law Degrees and Taking on the System

    Denia Perez’s parents brought her from Mexico to the United States illegally when she was 11. Last month, she became among the first of the so-called “Dreamers” to earn a law degree. And now, she and others are using their lawyerly know-how to take on the system so they can legally practice. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which...

  • Arizona May 24, 2018

    Hot Cars Can Reach Deadly Temperatures in 1 Hour, Study Says

    On a hot summer day, temperatures inside a car parked in the sun can reach 160 degrees in an hour, according to a new study.

  • Donald Trump May 22, 2018

    Facebook Chief Faces EU Grilling Over his ‘Digital Monster'

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced tough questions from European Union lawmakers Tuesday over what one of them branded Zuckerberg’s “digital monster,” and he apologized for the way the social network has been used to produce fake news, interfere in elections and sweep up people’s personal data. At a hearing in the European Parliament in Brussels, legislators sought explanations about the...

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