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Gary Collins Driving a Motor Home Erratically



    Gary Collins Driving a Motor Home Erratically

    Gary Collins might as well have had a big sign that said "notice me and pull me over."

    It was easy to notice Collins because he was driving a motorhome.

    The California Highway Patrol says Collins was pulled over because he was driving erratically. And, they say he failed a field sobriety test.

    He was arrested and later released on $25,000 bail.

    The arrest comes a little more than a year after Collins pleaded no contest to driving under the influence. For that, he served a four-day jail sentence in a suburb of Los Angeles.

    He was placed on two years of informal probation, and records show he was told about the dangers of drunken driving.

    Records also show Collins was convicted of DUI in 2004 in Malibu.

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    Wow, Gary just isn't too bright.

    Nothing says LOOK AT ME like a motor home weaving from side to side on the road. Geesh!

    (Associated Press)