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Rangers Michael Young Asks For Trade



    Rangers Michael Young Asks For Trade

    Rangersshortstop Michael Young just won a Gold Glove at shortstop and now  they want him to move to 3rd base.  Young's livid about the request and wants out.  T.R. Sullivan has the details.

    Hey, trade him.

    I really like Michael Young.  He is a leader. He plays the game right, but if he doesn't want to get on the bus to make the club better, then find a trade that makes all parties happy. 

    I hear rumors that the White Sox have interest.  I have read the Red Sox have good thoughts about Young.  Whoever wants him will get a heck of a person and player.

    Elvis Andrus is going to be the shortstop.  He is ready.  The Rangers don't have anybody to play 3rd.  That is why they are asking Young to move.  Andrus is a true shortstop and isn't 21 years old yet.  Young is 32. 

    If the Rangers are going to explore a trade, now is the time to do it.  Go get a young 3rd baseman in a deal, get a front line starting pitcher and turn the page.  Young is in his prime and the Rangers could get some great value for him.

    Young made the move from 2nd base to short for Alfonso Soriano, but he's done moving.  I understand that.  So the Rangers need to find a deal. 

    I'm sure owner Tom Hicks will be happy to save 16 million a year.