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Clint Black Finally Fired



    Clint Black Finally Fired

    "Clint, you're fired." With those words, Donald Trump bounced Clint Black from "The Celebrity Apprentice."

    Black's downfall came on a most unlikely task. The teams had to compose and perform a jingle for canned tuna.

    Everyone thought Black had the advantage, including Trump. But the tuna execs liked the other team's jingle more.

    In all, three players were fired by Trump last night.

    Comedian Joan Rivers will face poker pro Annie Duke in the three-hour season finale.

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    I confess I've been watching, although I often question why.

    I'm so glad Clint Black got canned. He was horrible. He never listened to anyone and thought he knew best about everything. And it's not that he didn't listen, it's the way he didn't listen, he was condescending and often rude. There's a way to appear to listen then do what you want, he never mastered that.

    I'm fine with the final two, it's the showdown we've all been waiting for all along.

    I'm not sure who I hope wins, Joan and Annie both drive me crazy for different reasons.

    As for last night's show, the classic, best clip, was Brande Roderick with a true blonde moment!

    She says Holy--- and spells S-R-A-P… then proceeds to laugh at herself.

    Check it out on YouTube here.

    (Associated Press)