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Texas DMV Releases Plan to Close Paper Tag Loophole

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The Texas DMV has released more information about its plans to close a loophole that's allowing unsafe cars to get temporary tags.

NBC 5 Investigates first told you about this on Thursday.

Our team discovered that most county tax offices that can issue temporary tags do not check to make sure a car has passed inspections before issuing a paper tag.

The tax offices told us, state rules do not allow them to require inspection paperwork.

But in a letter sent to tax offices Friday, the DMV confirmed it will now require counties to verify that cars have been inspected.

The DMV also said it plans to create a new application form for temporary tags.

Law enforcement officials tell NBC 5 Investigates the loophole has to be closed.

They fear more people are turning to tax offices to get 30-day tags for unsafe cars because the DMV is cracking down on shady dealers who sell temporary tags illegally.

As we've reported, those tags are often bought by people who own cars that can't pass inspection.

As well as people looking to hide the ownership of cars used in crimes.


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