Get Dressed to Thrill at Rose Costumes

Whether you're after a spark of inspiration or just a flattering pirate costume, the dressing rooms at Rose Costumes hold treasures for the Halloween season adventurer.

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Lyndsay Knecht Milne
This getup is an example of what owner Judy Smith and manager DeWayne Messer say is Rose's best-renting series: a rack of twelve distinctive pirate wench costumes, embellished with lacy bell sleeves by Smith herself. "This is flattering on a little tiny woman and a big woman," Smith says.
Lauren Lee, NBC 7
Rose Costumes' themed dressing rooms are like elaborate mini-sets. (Yes, that is a Ouija board on the wall of this fortune teller's lair.)
Lyndsay Knecht Milne
Rose's trove of vintage-style finds (and its 'Psycho'-themed Bates Motel dressing room) does well to dress a scorned Betty Draper. This piece is picture-perfect with sweet pleats and a waist-defining belt.
Burlingame Police Department
'Mad Men' spoiler or just a play on Betty Draper's mommy issues? Pairing costumes with the dressing rooms at Rose can spawn ideas for twists on popular costumes. Read: add a kitchen knife to this sweet dress, and take Betty's future into your own hands.
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This decked-out take on Michael Jackson's 'Bad' look, made by Phil Howard, is head-to-toe tough.
Lyndsay Knecht Milne
Note the detail on the pants: it's those little add-ons that make a costume distinct. Though there'll be no shortage of MJ wannabes on the racks this year, as Smith says, "Packaged costumes don't win contests."
Lyndsay Knecht Milne
This decadent Ann Boleyn costume shows off Smith's affinity for jewel tones in Renaissance-era pieces.
Lyndsay Knecht Milne
Accessories like the key necklace and bejeweled hat that accompany the Ann Boleyn dress are indispensable to a great costume, Smith says.
Lyndsay Knecht Milne
This Victorian piece, which Smith made using dollar store curtains, is an example of the capelets she says help define the period's style.
Lyndsay Knecht Milne
The San Francisco Bay Walking Suit is among the pieces at Rose that we think of as costume couture.
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