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Texas Refuses to Share Lethal Injection Drug



    Texas Refuses to Share Lethal Injection Drug
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    The Texas death chamber in Huntsville.

    States that have run out of the drug used for lethal injections won't get any help from Texas.

    At issue is sodium thiopental -- also called "killin' juice" -- it's the drug that knocks the inmate out so that he will not feel pain from the rest of the drug cocktail that kills him.

    The only approved U.S. manufacturer of the drug says new supplies won't be available until next year. That's bad news for Arizona, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky, the states that have run out of the "killin' juice."

    Texas has 39 available doses that expire in March and only has three executions scheduled before then. Still, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice told USA Today that Texas isn't sharing.

    "We have a responsibility to ensure we have an adequate supply of the drug," Michelle Lyons told USA Today.

    Don't worry -- Texas' neighbors to the north have found creative ways to continue executions. Last week, a federal judge ruled that Oklahoma can use pentobarbital, the drug used to euthanize animals. Arkansas gave Oklahoma a needed dose to carry out an execution last month.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed Arizona to carry out the execution of a convicted murderer using a dose of sodium thipental from an undisclosed supplier from Britain.

    Texas Scheduled Executions

    The three death row inmates scheduled for execution before the drug supply runs out include Cleve Foster, Michael Hall and Timothy Adams.

    Foster and a co-defendant sexually assaulted and shot a 28-year-old black woman in Tarrant County and then left her body in a ditch, where she was discovered by workers who were laying pipe.

    Hall and co-defendant Robert James Neville Jr. abducted 19-year-old Amy Robinson from a public street, drove her to a Fort Worth field and shot her several times, first with a pellet gun then with a .22-caliber rifle as she begged for her life. They were caught trying to cross the border into Mexico.

    Adams shot his 19-month-old son twice in the chest, killing him, in Houston.

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