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Surprise! You Really Didn't Win $1 Million!

Better Business Bureau warns of scheme spreading to Texas



    Surprise! You Really Didn't Win $1 Million!
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    The BBB says watch out for bogus letters saying you've won cash from the Publishers Clearing House.

    People in Texas and 18 other states have received bogus letters saying they have won $1 million from Publishers Clearing House, the Better Business Bureau warned Friday.

    The letters contain a check for as much as $5,900. Victims are informed that in order to receive the $1 million prize, they must first cash the check and then wire $4,000 to Publishers Clearing House, the BBB said.

    In fact, Publishers Clearing House is not involved.

    Some of the checks appear to be from an Arlington company that manufactures screws, nuts and bolts.

    "The checks look real," said Brenda Avery, vice president of Av-Tech Industries.

    Avery said she had no idea how her company's name ended up in the bogus letters, but that people from as far away as Port Arthur, Texas, and Spokane, Wash., have received the counterfeit checks.

    "We've been in business 20 years," she said. "We are disturbed that someone is tarnishing our reputation in this way."

    Police are investigating.