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Dallas "Gun Buy Back" Nets Nearly 150 Firearms



    Dallas "Gun Buy Back" Nets Nearly 150 Firearms
    David Sutherland
    DPD says a total of 147 guns were turned in during today's "Gun Buy Back" initiative at Reunion Arena.

    Nearly 150 firearms were taken off the streets today by Dallas Police in an effort to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.

    It was the result of a "Gun Buy Back" program the city has instituted in an effor to make the city safer.

    "Great program. They're gonna get a lot of guns off the street. They should continue it."  said Tom Reger who sold a .22-calibre rifle.

    Reger is amoung scores of Dallas gun owners who opted to sell their unwanted weapons to police as part of the program.

    "What we will do is we will run them through a series of testing checking them for stolen or being used in a crime and eventually they will be destroyed." said Lt. Gary Tittle, Dallas Police Dept.

    The incentive for the gun owner is a $50 grocery card for each unloaded, operable weapon surrendered.

    "We just had a gentleman turn in 5 weapons, he got $250. He's a retiree and he thinks that terrific to help him with groceries." said Frank Librio, City of Dallas Spokesperson

    Mark White is getting rid of three old guns and will take home $150 in grocery money.

    "Eventually a gun can easily make it to the street they could be stolen. These guns came out of my garage so there's no reason to keep these guns in your home." said Mark White.

    Police and politicians say this is one of the best avenues they have for getting guns off the streets.

    Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, Dwaine Caraway said, "I'm going to remain pro-active. I want to save lives and keep the citizens of this city safe."