Sing a Holiday Tune…But Not That One! put together a list of holiday tunes you'll never want to hear again. Check out the worst Christmas songs of all time.

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1/11 put together a list of holiday tunes you'll never want to hear again.
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"Christmas Conga"- Cyndi Lauper This song makes the list, because the last thing Christmas shoppers want to do after roaming the crowded malls is the conga.
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"8 Days of Christmas"- Destiny's Child This song turns the traditional "12 Days of Christmas" into a raunchy song, asking for massages and what-not. Stick to the classics, ladies.
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"Oi to the World"- No Doubt The storyline is cute, people from different walks of life learn to live in harmony, but something isn't right about the cover of the classic "Joy to the World." It makes you want to scream "oi!" and toss the radio across the room.
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"Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)"- The Ramones This song isn't your typical carol. There's no mention of Rudolph or any other famous reindeer. Instead, The Ramones call to stray animals on the roof.
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"Merry Christmas With Love"- Clay Aiken Carolers in this song remind the lonely girl in the song the true meaning of the holiday. Total cheese.
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"Santa's Beard"- The Beach Boys Kids pull off Santa's beard? And the repeating line, "Not Santa", can get on your last nerve.
"Santa Claus is Comin' to Town"- Bruce Springsteen It's not that the song is terrible, it's just that radio stations feel the need to play it a million times. After the millionth time, it gets old.
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"Christmastime"- The Smashing Pumpkins The Smashing Pumpkins should stick to what they do best and steer clear of Christmas songs. They turn what should be cute carols into something majorly creepy.
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"Wonderful Christmastime"- Paul McCartney This song will probably haunt him forever. Stop cheering Paul. The song stinks.
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"Santa Baby"- Madonna There's no way anyone would see Madonna as the sweet, innocent girl who should be singing "Santa Baby." Maybe if she wore her boob cones while performing this single, it would have at least been comical.
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