10 Things To Do This Halloween

From haunted houses to frightening your neighbors, we highlight ten things to do for Halloween fun.

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From haunted houses to frightening your neighbors, we highlight ten things to do for Halloween fun.
Get scared in DFW -- Head to one of the local haunted houses and prepare to be scared. Looking for one close to you? We’ve highlighted a few in our Where To Be Scared In DFW article.
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Take a haunted tour -- Follow a pair of ghost hunters through two local tours of paranormal activity. The Parker county tour looks at two cemeteries and a “glowing” tombstone, while the Arlington tour focuses on the story of the “screaming bridge.” More information is at this link: Fort Worth Spirit & Paranormal Tours
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Build your own costume -- Look, sometimes you don’t have the dough to build a fully working Transformers costume, so why don’t you use this link - Costume Idea Zone – to help you build a costume for that party.
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Catch a “Horror” film -- “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” isn’t just a movie anymore, with fan groups like Los Bastardos acting out a fully interactive show during the original film. It’s truly something to behold, but hold your horses if you’re easily offended; “Rocky Horror” is risqué business and definitely not for kids.
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Celebrate without leaving the house -- It’s okay, we spend all day on the Internet, too. At least get into the Halloween spirit by carving a virtual pumpkin or sending Halloween e-cards to your co-workers.
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Visit your local psychic -- Any good soothsayer will tell you the spirits are most active on Halloween. Make the most of it by trying to get in touch with your late aunt Mildred at the local swami. We’ve searched for Fort Worth psychics here: Fort Worth Psychics
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Frighten the neighbors -- Decorating your house early will help make sure your neighbors don’t need to borrow a cup of sugar at 2 a.m., but it’ll also let trick-or-treaters know where to go for candy. Plus, it's a blast to put up skeleton arms climbing out of your dead lawn.
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Tell ghost stories at a gravesite -- We don’t advocate trespassing, but some graveyards are open to the public and become the perfect location for a scary story or two. Try starting out with some lighter fare stories like “The Headless Horseman” before moving onto the major scare “Iran, Global Warming, and Peak Oil: What your kids will have to deal with.”
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Plan a scary movie marathon -- Grab a couple of friends and a couple of creepy flicks for your own scary movie marathon.
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