Missing Grandfather, Grandkids Found in Wisconsin

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    Carrollton Police Department
    Photo composite of William Gomez (left), a file photo of a white Jeep Grand Cherokee, and grandkids Dominique Gomez (top right) and Marcus Gomez (bottom left).

    A missing Carrollton grandfather and his two grandchildren were found in Wisconsin on Tuesday, according to their family.

    William Gomez, 57, told family members at about 2 p.m. Sunday that he was taking his 7-year-old grandson, Marcus Gomez, and his 8-year-old granddaughter, Dominique Gomez, to one of two locations: Rhoton Park in Carrollton or Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville.

    The family reported him and the children missing at about 8 p.m. after they did not return home.

    Family members said Gomez has memory loss.

    Search for Missing Grandfather, Grandkids Extends Beyond Texas

    [DFW] Search for Missing Grandfather, Grandkids Extends Beyond Texas
    William Gomez and his grandchildren, Marcus and Dominique left their home in Carrollton at about 2 p.m. Sunday but never came home. Now the search for the trio has gone nationwide. Gomez has reportedly used his credit card in three states: Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.

    "Mr. Gomez has a medical illness that causes memory loss, so we're very concerned for him and also for the children," police spokeswoman Nicole Rodriguez said.

    A sheriff's officer in Washington County in Wisconsin recognized Gomez when he asked for directions, the family said. Carrollton police said Gomez flagged down the officer and asked for help.

    Gomez and the children, who were taken to a police station, will remain in Washington County until their family can pick them up.

    He had been spotted in Chicago late Tuesday morning. Earlier, police said recent debit card activity showed Gomez had turned north and was in the northwest corner of Indiana.

    On Monday evening, Gomez's debit card was used at a Sears in Paducah, Ky., to buy children's underwear. Authorities there said Gomez had his grandchildren with him and asked for directions back to Dallas. Gomez's bank account was accessed from Little Rock, Ark., early Monday morning, and his credit card was used at a gas station in Troy, Tenn., that afternoon.

    "At this point, we don't think there's any foul play, it's just possible he doesn't know where he is or where he needs to be," Rodriguez said Monday.

    Carrollton police said Tuesday that a Texas Department of Public Safety alert for Gomez and his grandchildren had been discontinued Tuesday "due to the fact that he is not in Texas or Oklahoma or known to be heading this way." Nicole Rodriguez with the Carrollton police said the alert would be reactivated if needed.

    Texas highway signs were activated on Monday asking drivers to be on the lookout for Gomez's  white Jeep Grand Cherokee with Texas license plate DH1 Y337. Police said Gomez doesn't have his cellphone with him.

    Anyone with information about the missing family should contact Carrollton police.

    "We just hope he's OK and my grandkids are OK, but I know my husband," said Maria Gomez, his wife. "He's probably still driving. Wherever he's going, he's going forward."

    Family members said the sightings are a positive development.

    "We have a lot of people praying," Maria Gomez said. "Everybody who comes [says], 'What can we do for you?' Pray for us; pray for our kids; pray for my husband."

    NBC 5's Brian Scott and Julie Fine contributed to this report.