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Man Accused of Fatally Beating Dog Over Chewed Patio Cushions

Bond raised from $500 to $50,000



    (Published Monday, Sept. 30, 2013)

    Bail for a Mesquite man accused of beating his dog to death for chewing patio furniture cushions has been raised.

    Robert Prichard, 59, is charged with felony animal cruelty. Prosecutors say he hit his pet pit bull with a shovel several times in the head before throwing the animal in his swimming pool.

    "This is horrific. This is one of the worst," animal advocate Jonnie England said. "This is an act of violence. He is a danger to his neighbors, to the community, as well as to his own animal and other animals."

    Judge Lena Levario increased Prichard's bond from $500 to $50,000 after hearing reports of previous criminal charges.

    "I really feel like the facts of the case should, you know, really dictate what the bond should be, so I think this does adequately reflect the case," said David Alex, Dallas County Felony Trial Bureau chief.

    According to Mesquite police records, a neighbor called police on the day the dog died after seeing Prichard throw it by a fence. The arrest narrative said the neighbor heard Prichard yelling at one point "you're a dead dog" before hearing loud bangs that sounded like a blunt object hitting something.

    Prosecutors planned to show surveillance video of the attack but now have to wait until the trial.

    "We were prepared to put on, in court this morning, was video of him doing that, that, pretty sick thing," Alex said.

    According to investigators, Prichard said he wishes he could rewind and do things differently.

    The judge decided if Prichard made bail, he would not be allowed to interact with animals.

    "It's so important for people to recognize animal cruelty and thank God his neighbors next door witnessed this and reported it; they didn't just close the door to the dog's screams," England said.