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Clean-Up Under Way at Cowboys' Headquarters



    The team's indoor practice facility collapsed May 2 during severe weather.

    Demolition crews are now removing debris from the Cowboys' field at Valley Ranch where the team's indoor practice facility collapsed May 2 during severe weather.

    The city of Irving issued a demolition permit Friday, May 8.

    People who live and work around the area said crews have been out on the field all week removing the debris.

    "I noticed when I showed up to work Monday that they've been slowly clearing it out," Mike Wantland said. "The tarp has come down and now it's the metal framework underneath they're moving out slowly."

    Twelve people were injured during the collapse, including Cowboys' Scouting Assistant Rich Behm, who was paralyzed from the waist down. Behm has now been released from the hospital and moved to a rehab facility, where he is working out with physical and occupational therapists.

    Cowboys' fans say they're still in shock to see the practice facility in shambles.

    "I was devastated, I was like, 'oh my god, it took it away just like that,'" Reba Baker said. "I feel sorry for the [man] that got paralyzed."

    A spokesperson for the Dallas Cowboys said they will most likely build a new indoor practice facility, but no plans are in the works yet.

    Before any construction could take place, the plans would have to be approved by the city of Irving.

    Cowboys fans have mixed feelings about the Cowboys building a new facility.

    "I don't think they should rebuild because I enjoy coming out on break and at lunch and watching them practice," Baker said.

    "I think they need a new practice facility," said Wantland, who works near Valley Ranch. "When I first applied for this job I thought it was kind of cool that the Cowboys training facility was right there. What really makes it stand out was that indoor practice field because it was so eye catching."