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Another Town Without Water

Dry weather causing ground to shift, bursting pipes



    Another Town Without Water
    The Water Department received more than 100 calls Wednesday from Waterbury residents complaining about the “dirty” brown water.


    The city of Edgewood has issued a boil water notice, after a series of water main breaks shut water off for the city of 600 for 24 hours.    Water was restored again around 2 p.m. Monday.

    A secretary who answered a call to Edgewood City Hall Monday morning said they had fielded nearly 200 phone calls already, and were expecting more.

    She said city employees had plastered signs all over the town, informing residents of the boil water notice.

    "We even had the mayor in the hole helping out [Sunday]," she said, referencing the hole that was dug to fix the failed line.

    City officials are attributing the breaks to the dry weather causing ground shifts that burst the water pipes. \

    Edgewood isn't the first North Texas town to go sans water this month. The city of Weatherford --about a two-hour drive west of Edgewood-- had no water for four days.

    The Parker County city of nearly 28,000 spent over $70,000 distributing more than 500,000 bottles of water during the outage.

    A similar busted pipeline was also the culprit in Weatherford's water woes. Van Zandt County city is without water Monday after two water main breaks over the past two days crippled the city's water infrastructure.