Where We Were: Big Boi and Estelle

Estelle opened up for Big Boi at Ghostbar in Dallas. Both performers gave one hell of a show to the delight of hundreds.

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Johnny Nunez
Big Boi told NBCDFW.COM that his new album, "Sir Luscious Left Foot", is coming out in a couple months. He also said Outkast will put out a new album. Hurrah!
Annie Potasznik
When asked about Kanye's shenanigans, British singer Estelle said: "I only did one song with the man. Kanye is gonna be Kanye, he's still my brother."
Annie Potasznik
Big Boi told NBCDFW.COM there were big things afoot for the Dungeon Family, including his participation with the upcoming Goodie Mob Reunion Concert.
Annie Potasznik
Estelle sang "American Boy" to the delight of fans.
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