Plea Deal for Texan Accused of Smuggling Scopes?

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    Anna Fermanova, Facebook
    A federal court affidavit filed in New York accuses 24-year-old Anna Fermanova of Plano of trying tried to move the scopes in March without the proper export licenses.

    A plea deal is in the works for a Texas woman accused of smuggling high-tech rifle sights to Russia.

    Anna Fermanova made a brief court appearance Monday in Brooklyn, where she's facing federal charges. Attorneys on both sides told a judge that they were trying to reach a plea deal.

    Prosecutors say the 24-year-old from Plano, Texas was caught at New York's Kennedy airport in March with the sights stashed in her luggage.

    Woman's Smuggling Arrest Is "Overkill:" Attorney

    [DFW] Woman's Smuggling Arrest Is "Overkill:" Attorney
    A 24-year-old Plano woman is accused of trying to smuggle three military-grade night vision goggles into Russia.

    Her attorney, Scott Palmer, told reporters Monday that Fermanova bought the sights for her father-in-law to use at a Moscow gun club.

    Fermanova has been compared in the tabloids and on websites to another Anna -- admitted Russian secret agent Anna Chapman.

    Chapman was part of a headline-grabbing spy ring broken up last month.