Eco-Friendly Greener Good Picks

Check out our picks from The Greener Good's environmentally-friendly Spring collections.

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Greener Good
Chilean copper and lapis cuff bracelets from fair trade group, Pueblos del Sur, $22.50 each, The Greener Good.
Greener Good
Bamboo tank dress, $30, The Greener Good.
Greener Good
Evening bag made of recycled seashells, $60, The Greener Good.
Greener Good
Make yourself beautiful the green way; 100 percent pure mineral multi-purpose make-up, $6 each, The Greener Good.
Greener Good
Messenger bag made of recycled canvas and plastic, $45, The Greener Good.
Greener Good
Imported from Chile, these aluminum cuffs are from fair trade group, Pueblos del Sur; $10 each, The Greener Good.
Greener Good
Dress up your home with cool rustic pieces like these recycled letters. Made from reclaimed nails, tacks, screws, and other utilitarian items, the letters are $80 each, from The Greener Good.
Greener Good
Kicks like these by Simple Shoes, $60, The Greener Good.
Greener Good
For music lovers, what better way is there to recycle an old record? Recycled bowl, your choice of record or musician, $28, The Greener Good.
Greener Good
The cutest way to pack a lunch! Lunchskins reusable bags, $7.75 each, The Greener Good.
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