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Badu Not the Last to Undress Outside the Book Depository

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    You knew it had to happen.

    After Dallas native Erykah Badu's "guerilla-style" video for the song "Window Seat" made waves earlier this week -- someone had to do a parody.

    Enter K104 morning man Skip Cheatham.

    In the video uploaded by K104 to YouTube, Cheatham can be seen mimicking Badu's movements through Dealey Plaza as he slowly first removed his cap, then jacket.  Next came the T-shirt, revealing the DJ in a strained black bra.

    Onlookers gawked and took photos as Cheatham slipped the bra off in a clumsy, non-traditional manner, by sliding it over his sagging shorts.

    Moments before he would have laid down on the ground, a la Badu, Cheatham proclaimed, "I'm not doin this no more, a'ight. I ain't doin this no more. Y'all got me out here, look crazy. I'm not doin it. This floor's nasty ... where my clothes at?"

    Cheatham was, of course, making a parody of Badu, whose new music video portrays her taking off her clothes and then dying near where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in downtown Dallas.

    No charges have yet been filed against Badu for public indecency or disorderly conduct, though they are being discussed Friday afternoon.

    Badu released her music video Saturday.  Cheatham released his on Wednesday.