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Deliberations Continue Thursday in Amber Guyger Murder Trial

Legal experts don't expect a quick verdict after jury handed case

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Jury deliberations are underway. A livestream from the courtroom will continue to play at the top of this page during deliberations.

A Dallas County jury has carried over deliberations in the Amber Guyger murder trial to a fourth day.

Closing arguments were held in the trial Monday after Judge Tammy Kemp instructed the jury that they must decide if shooting Botham Jean was reasonable under the circumstances or, if not, decide whether she's guilty of murder or manslaughter.

Those circumstances, according to her own testimony, occurred when she mistakenly entered his apartment instead of her own in September 2018 and took him for an intruder who posed a threat to her life.

Deliberations began Monday afternoon and continued through Tuesday and Wednesday and into Thursday. While legal experts expected the jury to start deliberations early this week, they did not expect them to reach a verdict quickly.

The jury was then instructed by Kemp that they must first consider the murder charge and that then if they do not find Guyger guilty of that charge they can consider the included offense of manslaughter. Kemp added that if members of the jury are torn on whether they should find Guyger guilty of murder or manslaughter, they should resolve that conflict in the defendant's favor by finding her guilty of the lesser charge.

If convicted of murder, Guyger faces between 5 and 99 years in prison while a conviction of manslaughter carries between 2 and 20 years behind bars.

The jury could, of course, find Guyger not guilty of either charge.

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