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Has it Rained Every Day? Almost!

There have been several rainy days this month

Have you felt like it has been raining every day this month? You aren’t alone. Looking at the monthly data, we have seen a lot of rainy days.

So far, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has recorded rain on 16 out of 25 days this month.

The total for the month as of May 24 is 5.59 inches. Other cities in North Texas have seen higher totals, but official record-keeping is done at DFW Airport. The normal rainfall for the month of May is 3.74 inches, giving us a surplus of 1.85 inches.

The rains this month have brought several flooding issues. The rain also erased the drought and filled area lakes.

May isn’t over yet. The end of this week brings another chance for rain and thunderstorms. Friday and early Saturday look wet. The month of May has 31 days, but the chance of rain ends on the 29th.

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