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Fort Worth Murder Was a Hate Crime, Family Says

The suspect is registered sex offender and was arrested recently in a road rage incident

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The family of a Fort Worth man who was shot and killed at his front door last week had been harassed for months by the suspect – his own neighbor.

It happened Sept. 27 at a duplex on Waldorf Street.

Antonio Robinson answered a loud knock on his door.

It was his neighbor, Edward Murray, according to police.

His girlfriend, Ashley Lacy, was there too.

"Antonio said, 'Eddie, what?' And Eddie said, 'Oh yeah?' POW. 'Oh yeah?' POW,” Lacy said. “Honestly the noise, I close off mentally at two pows."

Police arrested Murray -- who's also a registered sex offender -- on a murder charge, and for threatening Lacy.

"I think it's a hate crime and a race thing,” Lacy said.

Lacy said for months, Murray, who is white, would mutter racial slurs at the family, who is Black. He would even kick their children's toys, they said.

He’s held in the Tarrant County Jail on $160,000 bond.

Robinson’s family said he should never get out and pushed for charges to be upgraded to a hate crime or capital murder.

"This is an incident where an innocent person in his own home minding his own business was the victim of a premeditated attack,” said Robinson’s sister Debbie. “This man came to the house with a loaded weapon, said one word, and started shooting. That is premeditated."

Lacy described her boyfriend as non-confrontational and always happy.

"He was a very big teddy bear,” she said. “He's very kind-hearted."

Edward Murray mug shot.
Fort Worth Police Department
Edward Murray mug shot.

Murray was arrested in Grapevine in February when police said he waved what looked like a gun at another driver in a road-rage incident.

Charges were still pending in that case when he was arrested for Robinson’s murder.

His family said they are still heartbroken.

"My children are going to be so traumatized because they went to sleep and took a nap and they woke up to no daddy,” Lacy said.

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