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No 100 Degree Days in July? It May Happen This Year!



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    We getting into the latter part of July and at DFW Airport, the official observation point for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the temperature has yet to reach 100 degrees.

    This is not a once-in-a-lifetime event, but it’s certainly not a common occurrence either.

    Weather records for the DFW area go back to 1898 (records for July go back to 1899) … and in those 121 years of record keeping, the official observation point for DFW shows that there have been zero 100 degree days in July 22 times.

    The last time it took place was back in 2007. Previous to that, it also happened in 1992, 1989, 1976, and 1973. Those are the five most recent times it took place. In those five instances, the number of 100 degree days in August were also low … all having 5 or less.

    With the summer cold front moving through North Texas on Monday and only a slow warm up through the end of the month, it appears that we are on track to adding 2019 to the list of years with no 100 degree days in July. I don’t think we will hear any complaints about that at all.

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