Police Rescue Woman From Flooded SUV in White Rock Creek in North Dallas

It's unknown if the rainy weather was a cause but Dallas police said the woman somehow rolled her Range Rover off Spring Valley Road and into the creek below

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A woman had to be rescued from a portion of White Rock Creek in North Dallas early Thursday.

It happened around just after midnight on the 6400 block of Spring Valley Road, just east of Preston Road.

Dallas police said a woman somehow rolled her SUV into the creek. It's unknown if weather played a factor or if high water was on the road at the time.

At one point, the water was reportedly almost up to the windows of the car once it was in the creek. A nearby rain gauge showed water levels spiking around the time of the incident, which made it difficult and dangerous for the woman to get out.

Police said she called her family in a panic and the family then called 911.

Dallas police arrived and were able to conduct a water rescue to get her out of the wrecked SUV and out to safety.

Police said she was checked out by an ambulance on scene and sent home with family.

Officers stayed on the scene while waiting for a heavy-duty wrecker to be able to straight lift the SUV out of the creek. The task took nearly five hours, with the wrecker pulling the vehicle about 60 feet from the creek and back up to the road.

Dallas police are continuing to investigate.

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