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Looking Back on a Wet and Active May

In May, 14 days recorded at least a trace of rain

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May 2019 will go down in the books as a wet month with more than 8 inches of rain falling at DFW Airport. The total of 8.15" is the 16th-wettest May ever recorded at the DFW observation point and 3.25" above what we would see in a typical May. Fourteen days reported at least a trace of rain.

The additional cloud cover also helped to keep temperatures down. We finished the month half a degree below average. We had three days where the high made it to 90 degrees. We also had one day, May 10, where the high only managed to reach 57 degrees.

We had a few bouts of severe weather through the month of May, but the most damaging and memorable was the outbreak that occurred on May 29. Eleven tornadoes caused a lot of damage in several locations around North Texas. The two strongest tornadoes -- both rated EF-2 with winds speeds estimated near 120 mph -- took place in southern Kaufman and southwestern Van Zandt counties.

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So far for the year, 18 tornadoes have taken place in the area. Van Zandt County leads the way with five total tornadoes so far.

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The wet weather has already continued in the first couple days of June. So we're not transitioning to the dry, hot summer weather pattern just yet.

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