Lewisville Lake

Hickory Creek Police Sgt. Rescues Man in Lewisville Lake

Officials say Sgt. Townsend located a vessel nearby to save the man's life.

Lake Lewisville
NBC 5 News

Hickory Creek Police says a man was rescued Monday evening after being found face down in the water located in the Party Cove area in Westlake Park.

On April 11 at approximately 7:39 p.m., Hickory Creek Police Department officers responded to a report of a small capsized vessel and at least one person nearby.

Once they arrived, they spotted the overturned kayak and could only gather a faint response from a man in the water about 100 meters off the shore.

As officers were looking for a way to reach the man, Sgt. Townsend located another man on an inflatable vessel nearby.

Officials say, Sgt. Townsend quickly took off his gear and commandeered the Good Samaritan's inflatable boat paddling his way to the man seen face down in the water.

Townsend was able to pull him closer to the inflatable vessel and attempted to paddle back to shore.

The two were then picked up and brought back to shore by a Lewisville Fire Department boat.

The adult male, who is now doing well, continued to be evaluated by Lake Cities Fire Department medics onshore and his family has been identified.

Hickory Creek PD says his identity will not be released at this time.

Officials attribute the rescue to the quick thinking of the responding officers, Sgt. Townsend, and the good samaritan for helping save the man's life.

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