Families, Friends Mourn Loss of 2 Men Killed in Greenville Shooting

Families and friends of the two men shot and killed in Greenville late Saturday are mourning their lost loved ones.

The families of Kevin Berry and Byron Craven Jr. confirmed to NBC 5 that the men died in Greenville.

Friends and family gathered to release balloons at a vigil for Berry at St. Augustine Park in Dallas' Pleasant Grove neighborhood Sunday. As the vigil started to break up, at least one person fired multiple gunshots in the park.

As of Sunday night, no injuries were reported in the shooting at the vigil.

"We are sad, we are torn apart, my brother was a good person," his sister Taviara Berry said before the shooting at the vigil. "He took care of his family and he loved everybody. He didn't have any enemies."

Berry's mother says he was the father of two children, three and two years old. 

Byron Craven's parents told NBC 5 Craven went to Greenville with his cousin to celebrate his 23rd birthday on Saturday.

"I didn't want to lose my best friend like that," said Craven's cousin Quadria Freeman.

Freeman and Craven were born a month apart and were inseparable growing up. 

Saturday, they were together at the party in Greenville. Freeman stepped away to use the bathroom and get some air when the shooting began.

"I was running for my life, I was scared. I’ve never seen so many people, people were climbing out of broken windows," said Freeman.

Once the shooting stopped, she looked for Craven. He wasn't answering his phone. She finally saw him when looking through a window.

"I looked out and there he was laying there. I knew it was him, but I didn't want to think it was him," said Freeman.

"He loved his family and friends," she said. "I know that his job on this earth was done because he impacted a lot of lives."

Craven's parents said they last spoke to their son before he left their home in Arlington on Saturday.

"Every time he leaves, I say, 'Be careful. Please be careful,'" said Byron's mother Brandise Craven.

"Alright, see y'all later," was his response according to the victim's father, Byron Craven Sr.

"There are no words to express the loss," said Craven Sr. "If there is anything we can do to make things better, so it won't happen to another kid, another family. This is not something I want anybody to go through."

"The shooting at these damn functions. They don't make any sense," Brandise Craven said.

"There's no love for each other," said Byron Craven Sr.

Craven's parents said he worked as a security guard and was looking forward to becoming an uncle in March. 

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