AT&T Stadium Goes Global With New Menu This Season

Forget typical stadium food, AT&T Stadium is kicking off the 2017 NFL season with a culinary adventure.

What's special about this season's menu is the nod to the diverse Dallas Cowboys fan base. We're talking dishes like the pombazo sandwich, which AT&T Stadium Executive Chef Tony Sinese says is, "the ode to our brothers down south in Mexico."

The authentic Mexican dish is made of a fresh bolillo bun and stuffed with house-made refried beans, potato chorizo mixture, Oaxaca cheese, and dipped in guajillo chili sauce.

"We have some Asian-inspired cuisine that we put out here," Sinese said.

That includes the Pro Bowl, which is Mongolian-glazed grilled beef and chicken skewers on top of a bed of fried rice.

As for dessert, the stadium is debuting mochi, a Japanese sticky rice cake.

Sinese said this is what the fans want.

"From the fan base that comes in, we have a diverse crowd that comes through. We want to make sure that we take from them everything that they want to have here. So it's like a home away from home experience."

Another new item that's causing a lot of buzz is a fiery burger.

"The heaven and hell burger, which is a mac-and-cheese patty right on top of an Angus beef burger patty, and then we dip it in buffalo sauce for that spicy tang," Sinese said.

Most of the dishes are made in house and from scratch. It'll cost you about $20 per specialty item, and they will be available for those with general admission tickets.

"We're inviting them into the Cowboys' home, so we want to provide them something fun, provocative, and thoughtful for everyone to eat," Sinese said.

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