COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Texas Set Records for 15 Days Straight

As Gov. Greg Abbott issues a new executive order, Texas continues to set record highs in hospitalizations

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Statewide hospitalizations for COVID-19 have reached record numbers for 15 days straight. There were 5,102 hospitalizations as of Friday.

In an effort to reduce infections, Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Friday limiting the capacity allowed at restaurants and closing bars.

Dallas/Fort Worth COVID-19 hospitalizations hit an 11th day straight of record highs with 1,180.

To reduce the spread of the virus, both Dallas and Tarrant Counties are mandating masks in businesses and recommending citizens wear masks when out in public.

In Dallas, the total number of beds occupied is at 71%, or 4,325, as of Friday, up from 69% percent, or 4,223, on Thursday.

Denton passed a mask ordinance on Friday, requiring masks in all businesses until at least August 4.

In total, there are 137,624 recorded infections in Texas. Friday added 5,707 infections.

In the last seven days, there were 34,319 new cases were added. The seven day rolling average is 4,903 cases.

Coronavirus Cases in Texas

Locations on the map are approximate county locations and are not intended to identify where any infected people live.

Case data was pulled from a variety of sources including county health departments and the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Currently, there are an estimated 16,106 active cases in North Texas and 59,018 cases in Texas.

The positivity index dropped drastically in May, to a low of 4.27% on May 26, but has been ticking upward again since reaching 11.73% on Friday. That is .03% lower than Thursday, but still above the 10% red flag warning level. This is the third straight day sustained above 10%.

*Map locations are approximate, central locations for the city and are not meant to indicate where actual infected people live.

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