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Increasing Literacy in Spanish-Speaking Students

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A Dallas ISD teacher has figured out a way to keep kids who love screen time engaged while teaching them Spanish and English at the same time.

Hermes Camps is a Kindergarten teacher at Burnett Elementary school.

Originally from Cuba, he understands what it’s like when your first language is not English, but must learn. From that necessity, he created help for kids. It’s an online program through his website ABeCeLee, which means “ABC Read” in English.

“We have tons of evidence right now of how delighted parents and students are when they use it,” Camps said.

Camps said several school districts are also using the online program, which is being offered for free right now. He said he wanted families to have a way to continue to learn even when the pandemic closed schools.

Camps colleagues even agree, what he is offering online, is invaluable

“He’s really incredible,” Eric Hale, first grade teacher at Burnett said. “I recommend anyone in our North Texas Spanish speaking community. It’s that good.”

Camps said he believes in the program because it’s just another tool for kids to learn.

“We basically tried to make a virtual teacher to make every computer behave as a teacher. So in schools, it helps students learn independently, giving teachers more latitude to help more students,” Camps said.

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