Cowboys Fans Plan for a Cold Sunday Tailgate

The temperature in Arlington on Sunday is expected to be in the 20s with wind chills in the single digits. That sounds like good weather to stay home by a fire, unless you're a Cowboys fan.

"I know this is going to test us," said Alejandro Saracay. "We're not going to miss this, it's such an epic season!"

Friday afternoon, Saracay was home in Grand Prairie, plotting his tailgate strategy for Sunday's game against Tampa Bay.

"Just space heaters and hand warmers and big ol' jackets," Saracay said smiling. "We're going to be able to make it happen that way."

While tailgaters prepare to brave the elements outside, many other were trying to get their homes and plants ready for the cold.

"We get customers that we never see every day," explained Jimmy Parham at Home Depot in The Colony. "They panic. They definitly panic. Nobody prepares ahead. Well, some people do, but most people come in 'where's your pipe covers?' instantly as soon as the weather drops." 

There will be no hiding from the chill on game day. The Cowboys head office says its not making any special provisions for chilly tailgaters. The gates will open at the usual time and anyone is welcome to set up a tailgate. 

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Saracay dropped a few logs in his fire pit, which will go to the tailgate. along with four space heaters.

"Everybody can be circled together around the food," Saracay said. "Keep nice and warm!"

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