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NBC 5 Responds Helps Get Refund for Pre-Paid Repairs

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Martin and Angela Jerry of Arlington were dealing with a heated situation when their air conditioner went out last summer.

They contacted Sears Home Services for repair and pre-paid an estimated cost of almost $600 to replace a pump. The Sears Home Services repairman didn't show as scheduled claiming the part wasn't in yet.

Thankfully the Jerrys were able to have another repair service look at the unit and discovered all they needed was refrigerant and everything was cool. Well, not everything.

They didn't get a refund for the pre-paid repairs from Sears Home Services. Months passed and after no refund, the Jerrys contacted NBC 5 Responds for help.

We contacted Sears about it and they in turn issued a full refund to the Jerrys for $581.84. Sears, in a statement, said, in part, " At Sears, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. In this situation, the member paid us in advance...We should have provided a refund for the part and we regret the oversight. This was corrected and our customer was satisfied when we provided a full refund."

The Jerrys were happy with the refund sending a note to Responds saying, "Thank you for caring about us."

So here's the tip that can help you avoid this issue. If you're requesting a refund for something, try to get a date of return and the method of return noted on your account. That way if you don't get your refund by the expected date, you can go back to the company to track and rectify the issue.

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