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NBC 5 Responds Helps Get Consumer Credits on Cable Bill

NBCUniversal, Inc.

Andrew Nguyen of The Colony signed up for cable television service with Frontier Communications. He enrolled in auto-pay which at the time included a promotional $200 gift card.

Nguyen says he followed instructions to receive the gift but it never came. He then contacted Frontier and was told his account didn't show a reward pending so the promotion wouldn't be honored.

Still, Nguyen knew he qualified for the promotion and reached out to NBC 5 Responds for help.

After NBC 5 Responds contacted Frontier, they reviewed the account and agreed Nguyen had earned the promotion, giving him a $200 credit.

In a statement, Frontier said, "Frontier is a customer-first organization and will always work to resolve issues brought to our attention. In this specific instance, we issued a credit to the customer in response to the matter."

When it comes to promotions, always check with customer service to ensure the reward will be applied and when. Ask customer service to send specifics in writing or have notes from the call added to your account.

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