Woman Finds Green Solution to Decatur Pothole Problem

A woman from the Wise County town of Paradise became so annoyed with a large pothole she took matters into her own hands.

Ashley Wiley was tired of seeing cars fall victim to the crater in the parking lot outside the Cici's Pizza and Tractor Supply Co. off Farm-to-Market Road 51 in Decatur. So, she decided to put a pot in the hole. Literally.

"There is this gigantic pothole that nobody will fix...so I am going to go fix it," Wiley said.

Recording the "fix" just in case someone hit her, Wiley hopped out of the car with a bag of potting soil and a plant from Walmart and filled the hole that had become a source of complaints on a local Facebook page.

"I got tired of hearing it, so I went and got a tree," Wiley explained. "Make a pot, hole!"

She posted the video on Facebook, and it's been viewed more than 35,000 times as of this writing.

After she posted the video, other people loved the idea so much they decorated the tree.

Scarlet Sunset Sears posted video putting Christmas ornaments on the tree. A green mylar balloon was also added.

Even though the pothole still hasn't been repaired, Wiley told the Wise County Messenger she hopes drivers are more aware of the pothole and avoid serious damage to their vehicles.

"This is hilarious, I never dreamed it would go viral," Wiley told NBC 5. "Not one person has hit it since the tree's gone in, so I guess I solved the problem!"

"I'm telling you, she needs to rum for mayor or county commissioner," said Joyce Stevens as she drove past the now decorated pothole. "She needs to run for something to get potholes fixed here.

Neither Wise County, nor the city of Decatur are responsible for fixing the 4-foot-wide pothole because it's on private property. NBC 5 left a message for the listed property owner.

A woman from the Wise County town of Paradise became so annoyed with a large pothole in a Decatur road she took matters into her own hands.
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