Weatherford Couple's Charity Donates RVs to Homeless Veterans

Operation Texas Strong 2021 was formed last year to help put roofs over the heads of veterans experiencing homelessness; donations to continue into 2022

For most people, an RV symbolizes a road trip or a vacation. For veterans who have received RVs from Operation Texas Strong 2021, those RVs are home.

"We are tired of seeing homeless veterans on the street," Bobby Crutsinger said.

Crutsinger and his wife, Peggy, started Operation Texas Strong 2021 last year to help give veterans experiencing homelessness a roof over their heads and a chance to get back on their feet.

The couple plans to keep the donations going into 2022.

Those people that are on the street and that are homeless veterans, those people deserve a lot more than what they're getting.

Peggy Crutsinger

The Weatherford couple was inspired by Peggy's late father, a veteran of the Vietnam War who lamented seeing fellow veterans living on the street.

"Once you're off the street, after that, it gets a little bit easier," Peggy Crutsinger said. "You've got the 'Oomph' to be able to do what you need to do to eat, get a job, and do what you gotta do, but it all starts with getting them off the street."

In the past year, the Crutsingers said Operation Texas Strong 2021 has donated RVs to 68 veterans. Each RV comes with a donation of linens and home goods to help them get started. Everything is donated by the community.

"We want people to realize if you pull together, we'd be able to get stuff done more," Bobby Crutsinger said.

Peggy Crutsinger said she wishes her father was still here to see what he inspired.

"I think he'd be proud. I'm hoping," Peggy Crutsinger said. "I think he would be quite happy to see lots of people pulling together to do this."

If you have a road-worthy RV or home goods to donate, you can find contact information on the Operation Texas Strong 2021 Facebook page.

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