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Local Family Awarded Super Bowl Tickets for Nonprofit Work

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A North Texas woman is celebrating a year of doing something good for a community that needs it the most.

Tanisha Edwards is the founder of Edwards Housing. While it’s a nonprofit to help those in need of a place to live, its also a labor of love for Edwards who knows first-hand what they are going through.

“This idea started with me and my father. I was homeless in my teenage years. From sleeping in bathrooms and relocation to DFW. My father was a Vietnam Veteran, and he didn’t get a lot of the services that he needed to get,” Edwards said.

It’s now her mission to help.

“We founded the nonprofit because there was no advocacy for him [my dad]. I needed to get him service connected,” Edwards said.

She started the housing project in 2020 but has been doing this work since 2012.

“We’ve helped more than 500 people and when it comes to feeding and other services, it’s been more than 10,000,” Edwards said.

They also provide on-site and on the job training for many living in their housing system to ensure that when they are ready to get back on their feet, they will have the skills to do that.

Edwards work has been noticed by so many, including Dallas-native and former NFL player LaTarence Dunbar-Bey. Dunbar-Bey is the chairman and founder of LED 360, an organization that works to provide education and on the job training for student athletes and more.

Through his organization, he has invited several groups from across the country to the Super Bowl this year as a thank you for their efforts in their communities. Edwards Housing was chosen as one of them. So she and her family will get the opportunity to attend the game and present their work to an audience of many.

You can watch the Super Bowl LVI from Los Angeles on your NBC 5 station on February 13, 2022.

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