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Trial Begins for Man Accused of Kidnapping Fort Worth Woman in 2016

On the first day of testimony in the trial of a man accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, jurors heard the initial 911 call from a friend concerned about Typhenie Johnson.

Johnson was last seen outside the Post Oak East Apartments on Tristan Lane in East Fort Worth on October 10, 2016.

Johnson's twin brother and his girlfriend reported Johnson argued with her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Revill, that evening.

Investigators have alleged Revill intended to kill Johnson. Revill is not facing charges related to her death. Johnson has never been found.

Johnson's twin brother, Asher Johnson, took the stand Wednesday. He told the jury Revill was jealous and controlling of his sister and that the couple broke up two months before Johnson's disappearance.

Asher Johnson said Revill remained his friend after the breakup. Johnson said Revill would frequently visit the apartment, often asking about Typhenie Johnson.

"What kind of questions would he ask you about Typhenie?" the prosecutor asked.

"If my sister was talking to somebody else or if she was cheating, if I would let him know," Asher Johnson said.

He said Revill came to the apartment to watch football that Monday night and that his sister was upset because she had a date coming over for dinner. When she left the apartment to meet her date at the front gates of the apartment complex, Johnson said Revill went outside too.

Johnson told the court he saw Revill and his sister arguing outside the apartment, next to Revill's car.

Asher Johnson's girlfriend, Jessica Smith, also took the stand.

Smith said she called 911 after Typhenie Johnson didn't return to the apartment while her date waited inside.

"I have never been in that situation, so I didn't really know what to do. I was just worried, panicked," Smith testified.

Prosecutors played portions of the 911 call Smith made that night.

"My friend ended up missing all of a sudden," Smith told the dispatcher.

Smith said Johnson didn't return to her home after talking with her ex-boyfriend outside.

"Do you think there's a possibility she might have left with the boyfriend or gone for a drive or something?" asked the dispatcher.

"No, because, no. Her keys are on top of her car, her phone is in the back of the apartment," Smith responded. "She would have told us because she just had a friend come over and she wouldn't have left without telling us where she was going. Nothing makes sense."

Typhenie Johnson's keys were left on top of her car. Her brother said he found her cell phone and a black ankle sock, the kind Johnson usually wore, behind the apartment building.

During opening statements Wednesday morning, Revill's defense team argued people jumped to conclusions the night Johnson went missing and that Revill was not responsible for Johnson's disappearance.

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