Texas Connects Us: The Skyline Photographer

Anybody can take pictures.

Nearly everyone has a cell phone with a camera.

But photographers like Dallas native Joseph Haubert spend a lot of time and money on perfecting their shots.

"I have probably 20 cameras," Haubert said. "It's almost like my cameras are photos. They have a lot of story to them."

Haubert's grown quite a reputation for focusing on the Dallas skyline. His prints are hanging in businesses across North Texas, and he has a large following on social media sites like Instagram.

"I love the skyline because it's so diverse," Haubert added. "The buildings are just so unique. This is my home and it's beautiful."

USA Today agrees. The newspaper recently polled its readers, and they voted Dallas has the best skyline in the world.

Haubert shoots a lot of his pictures west of downtown, near Trinity Groves.

"This is definitely one of my favorite spots to come and just sit and admire my city," he said. "I think from this spot I started trying to figure out what each building was, what the name of each building was."

There are no limits to his creativity.

"I'm an explorer," he joked. "I'll get in mud, roll around in construction sites. I love being on rooftops."

He's certainly more adventurous than most.

"Everywhere I go, I think Dallas still has the best skyline," Haubert said.

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