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Taylor Swift Sold-Out ‘Eras' Tour Arrives for 3 Shows at AT&T Stadium

Previous shows on the tour have featured a 44-song setlist and last over three hours.

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Taylor Swift brings her ‘Eras’ tour to North Texas this weekend, with three shows set for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

“I have been planning this for months,” said 19-year-old Kylee Rangel, of Wichita Falls, who showed up at the stadium parking lot just after 6 a.m. Friday, a full 13 hours before the show officially starts on Friday night.

Rangel was eager to get a new shirt to wear to the night’s concert to replace the one she was wearing Friday morning that read, “If I die, tell Taylor Swift I love her.”

Hundreds of thousands of fans will pack AT&T Stadium over those three nights for what has been hyped as a three-hour show, featuring a whopping 44-song setlist of selections from all 10 of Swift’s studio albums.

“I physically cannot fathom how she kept going for three hours and kept that energy up,” said Ashley Claster, a DFW-area news reporter who, as a diehard Taylor Swift fan, recently traveled 48 hours by bus from Dallas to Glendale, Arizona for the opening shows of the Eras tour.

“But it was all worth it because the concert was probably one of the best nights of my life, and I have been to Taylor Swift concerts before,” said Claster. “I would do that bus ride over and over again. It was like a religious experience. It was like church for me, honestly.”

Claster is part of a fan-led movement called the Eras Taybow Project, which is trying to stripe the arenas on Taylor’s tour with a rainbow during her song ‘Enchanted’. A group of Texas-based Swift fans has created a website that allows concertgoers to find the concert they are attending, locate their seating area, and then display a color-coded screen on their phone that they are encouraged to hold up during ‘Enchanted.’

Hundreds of thousands of people will be in and out of the three stadiums in the Arlington Entertainment District over the weekend and traffic delays are expected. If you're heading to one of the stadiums, here's everything you need to know to get around, including what you can bring into the stadiums.

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