Suspect Accused of Murdering the Mother of His Child Released on Bond

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A Rowlett man accused of murdering the mother of his daughter is out of jail.

Andrew Beard was released from the Dallas County Jail after records show a $1 million bond was posted on his behalf.

Beard is accused of killing 24-year-old Alyssa Burkett on the morning of Oct. 2. The two have a 1-year-old daughter together.

Burkett’s grandfather, Russell Forsyth, said Beard had been stalking Burkett. He said Burkett expressed concern in recent months that Beard was going to harm her. Beard’s release from jail, Forsyth said, has the family on alert.

“We have members of our family that are wearing their guns with their pajamas at night,” Forsyth said.

Forsyth said Burkett was a student at Eastfield College who dreamed of becoming an attorney.

Andrew Charles Beard, 33.
Carrollton Police Department
Andrew Charles Beard, 33.

“I tell people she had a heart of gold and a million-dollar smile,” Forsyth said.

Forsyth was a manager at Greentree Apartments in Carrollton where police said she was shot then stabbed to death.

Witnesses reportedly described the suspect as a Black male, but detectives believe it was Beard in disguise.

“He was arrogant enough to think that he could get away with doing this by putting on the makeup and posing as a Black man committing a crime,” Forsyth said.

An arrest affidavit details evidence investigators said connects Beard to the crime including, “work boots that had been cut into pieces” and “a serrated kitchen knife.”

The affidavit said dark brown liquid foundation makeup, partially burned makeup wipes and a piece of a makeup brush were also found wrapped in a trash bag and hidden in a diaper bag in the backseat of his truck.

Detectives also believe beard put a tracking device on Burkett's car, according to the affidavit.

“There's not a lot of question left as to who did this crime,” Forsyth said.

But the question Forsyth is asking now is why is the accused killer out on bond?

Court records show Beard must wear an ankle monitor and remain on house arrest.

“This is a dangerous man that's being released into our society that the only thing that stands between him and more violence is an ankle monitor,” Forsyth said.

NBC 5 was not able to reach Beard or his attorney for comment Wednesday.

Detectives said Beard was in a bitter custody battle with Burkett over their daughter. Detectives said Burkett was awarded custody two days before her death.

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