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Residents, Volunteers Work Together to Clean Up Tornado Damage in Bowie

Cleanup continues in Bowie two days after tornado ripped through the city Friday night.

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Angie Christmas' boutique Sheer Madness is a total loss after a tornado rolled through Bowie Friday night. Sunday, she spent her birthday sifting through the mess and carrying armfuls of wet clothing out of the store.

The tornado was the latest in a series of setbacks.

"We opened in February, and then we had the coronavirus, so we shut down," Christmas said. "We opened back up about a week ago, and then the tornado hit.

The sound of chainsaws roared throughout the city, as mountains of debris piled up.

Saturday was a day of cleanup in Bowie as trees laid across yards, power lines were toppled and 200 homes sat in some form of disarray.

Resident Kevin Myers received sandwiches and water from friends who stopped by to check on him.

One of the smallest helpers who handed out kindness was a little boy wearing a superhero cape — the son of one of Myers' friends.

Offers for assistance have poured in, not just from the community, but from other cities and the state, Mayor Gaylynn Burris said.

Close to 200 homes and dozens of businesses were damaged Friday night when a tornado swept through Bowie.

NBC 5 noticed large groups of volunteers from other cities offering their help Sunday.

There are volunteer orientations taking place in Bowie this week.

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