Police: Dallas Hasn't Been This Safe Since 1968

Crime down by double digits across the board

Dallas police are reporting a dramatic drop in crime.

Chief David Kunkle said the city hasn't been this safe in more than 40 years -- since 1968.

According to numbers from Dallas police, crime is down 17.5 percent overall.

"I feel safe, but not like walking the streets like I used to," said Maria Hernandez, president of the Maple Lawn Neighborhood Association.

Crime is down double digits in virtually every category. Residential burglaries are down more than 11 percent compared to this time last year, auto theft is down 25 percent, and robberies are down nearly 25 percent, according to police.

"Hiring is one of the reasons we feel there's a decrease," Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse said. "We are getting more officers out there on the street."

Dallas police also said they're using a new system to record crime.

"We’re seeing a slight decrease because of that, but I really think it’s just more officers on the street," Janse said.

Dallas police set a goal to add 400 new officers to the force this year. With so many people out of work, the department is ahead of schedule in reaching that goal, police said.

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