North Texas Teenager Raises Money to Help Kids With Hair Loss

Tiffany Hwang has alopecia, an auto-immune disease that causes her to lose hair

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Tiffany Hwang wants to help kids like her, who sometimes look in the mirror and don't like what they see.

"I kept losing hair every time I washed my hair, every time I was combing my hair," Hwang said. "And I knew it was way too much, like an abnormal amount."

Hwang has alopecia, an auto-immune disease that causes hair loss. She's had it since she was a young girl. Her most recent bout was last year, at 16 years old.

"Just knowing that I had this, I would constantly cry," Hwang said.

She got a wig, and that boosted her spirits and her confidence. So Hwang started a campaign to raise money and get hair donations to make wigs for kids like her.

Tiffany Hwang

"I definitely was not planning on getting my hair cut this summer," Daphne Tsai said. "At first I was a little nervous because it is a lot of hair."

Tsai donated 10 inches of her long hair to help Hwang help others like her.

"One of the purposes of being here as a human is not only for living our own lives, but also trying to help improve the society and the world that we live in," Hwang said. "I don't believe that we're just here for ourselves."

Hwang is trying to raise at least $1,800 for Wigs for Kids. That's the cost of making one wig. It takes 20 to 30 hair donations to make a wig. Hwang says what it can do for a child with hair loss is priceless.

"I just want to kind of restore a sense of security for them," Hwang said. "Just be able to feel confident within themselves."


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