North Texas

North Texas Family Seeking Help Finding Angel Stolen From Gravesite

A North Texas family is seeking answers after a precious possession was stolen from one of their loved ones graves in Fort Worth. 

A 4-foot tall marble statue of an angel was stolen from Mary Collins' brother's grave at Greenwood Cemetery. 

The angel was locked in by a steel rod, so Collins is wondering how someone could have taken it down and out of the cemetery without being seen.

The Collins family wants to replace it, but is questioning whether the Cemetery is secure enough to keep it safe.

"We purchased six plots here, my parents are in their 80s, they don't want to deal with this," said Collins. "We want to know, if we replace it, that it's not going to happen again." 

The Greenwood Cemetery managers told NBC 5 there are security guards on duty during off hours and cameras are placed at entry points through the parking lots.

However, they said due to the large size of the Cemetery, they cannot put them everywhere.

The Cemetery is also not responsible for private property on the graves. 

The angel statue was valued at more than $1,700 dollars. 

The Collins family hasn't decided what their next move will be, but they did file a report with the Fort Worth Police Department. 

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